VSSL: So Much In a Small Package...

VSSL: So Much In a Small Package...


Data2Dev Audit  //  Custom Design  //  Custom Theme Development

When VSSL Gear approached us to help completely redesign their BYO, they had no idea we’d recommend a completely new solution based on our Data2Dev CRO audit. The original VSSL BYO was a customized app that added bloat, increased page speed, and had not been future proofed.


Like all great outdoor adventurers, we knew that the key to this build was in the preparation. We insisted on a full Data2Dev evaluation and really dug in to analytics, heat map tracking and UX/UI. We knew how we wanted to approach the solution, but made sure that we had a road map and a plan before we started out.


The new BYO was to be a custom front-end solution for a couple of very good reasons:

  • Custom solutions for future customization – we do not only build to last, we build to build on in future.
  • Logistics and operations – as logistics and supply chain experts (see here for TVP 360 solutions) we knew that VSSL needed a fulfillment solution that seamlessly integrated with Brightpearl ERP.
  • They needed it fast – just like the VSSL product itself, TVP had to pack a fully custom build into a very short period.


While we were developing the custom BYO, we took the opportunity to make some data driven design and UX updates to the eCommerce store. Our Data2Dev site audit allowed us to get to the heart of customer journey and make strategic updates based on real data that ensured REAL RESULTS.

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