Anima Mundi: How To Make Something Awesome Even Better?


Data2Dev Audit // Conversion Rate Optimization // Custom Theme Development // Growth Strategy

How To Make Something Awesome Even Better?

Anima Mundi Apothecary asked us to help reorganize and improve their eCommerce store, so the first thing we did was look at the analytics. With phenomenal success reflected in a high conversion rate, we knew we had to dig deep to find ways of capitalizing on success to ensure sustainability.


Sometimes with an eCommerce development project, less is more. Remove distractions, remove the bright shiny objects, apps, and bells and whistles. We started with a full digital design system as a recipe for updating the store, removed inconsistent CTAs and updated key pages on the store for a better user experience.


Increasing conversion rate was less important than increasing Average Order Value (AOV) for Anima Mundi Herbals. We looked for ways to make meaningful design and development updates without impacting the success of the bootstrapped current site.

  • Our Data2Dev audit showed us that Anima Mundi customers were looking for information as part of the conversion funnel. We created a custom blog experience that allowed for customers to find the information they needed and to purchase while they learned.
  • We completely reorganized their mega-nav and site structure to ensure that users were finding what they wanted, faster.
  • We implemented key design updates that subtly delivered a consistent eCommerce user experience on the store.


Anima Mundi continues to grow in both conversion rate and revenue. What TVP accomplished was a way to consistently improve and sustain growth.